Jun 7, 2023
"Could be so much better."
Jun 3, 2023
"Probably my favorite course in the area. Good mix of throwing lines, fairway shapes, minimal amount of interaction with other nearby features. Handful of "lucky" throw holes and one awkward walk up a creek bed stopped me from giving it 5 stars, also makes using a cart very difficult. Tee pads are great. Signs are good. Could use Mando markers, and maybe next tee signs too? But I love it anyway. Would recommend. "
Jun 3, 2023
"Great course. The guys who built this park utilized a smaller space to make a pretty interesting course with some neat shots. Tee pads could use a little work. Overall, great experience."
May 30, 2023
"This is a fun course and I always enjoy playing it. Mostly open with some shot shaping, and the wooded holes are rather tight. If I want to turn up the difficulty level and challenge myself, then I play that the high grass is OB. It’s nice to have that flexibility. However, the pars are not accurate and there is a weird mando hole (12) that subtract a bit from the experience. "
May 21, 2023
"Would be a 5 star course. However, tee pads are too short and the hole signs are blocking an approach to the tee. They should be moved off tee box and off to the side out of the way."
May 20, 2023
"Well maintained fairways, 2 sets of clean bathrooms and good signage. Fun course."
May 7, 2023
"Decent layout, wet spots although it did just rain for a week, can’t wait for the planted trees to grow up. Good beginner course and nice scenery."
May 5, 2023
"Beginner friendly, beautiful course. Tee pads are small, but plenty of room next to them. It does get very swampy after rain for a rew days. Just bring water proof shies and plenty of towels."
Apr 30, 2023
"Fun course for us beginners. A few challenging ones but pretty good for beginners. After the back 9 connects in with front 9 for the final few holes signage needs some work. Fun time none the less"
Jan 19, 2023
"The property here has SO much potential. It has woods, fields and water. As designed, however, I wouldn't come back. Half the course is short wide open holes, I'm sure to be "beginner friendly". Design the course for advanced players, and have separate beginner tee pads (just a recessed like of 4 bricks) for the beginners. Mixing 200 foot wide open shots with 350 foot tunnels doesn't make sense for anyone. "
Jan 2, 2023
"Great mix of holes some with lots of trees"
Nov 6, 2022
"Great upkeep, great looks. Just needs longer tee boxes and the signs not up against the box. Great course"
Oct 30, 2022
"Great course, awesome for beginners. Please move the tee signs away from the tee boxes. Easy fix, huge improvement."
Mar 26, 2023
"This course would be great if the tee boxes were so small and dangerous. I’ve slipped multiple times on the tee boxes while throwing this course and today I hurt my back pretty bad because of it. Please get them fixed or at least take away the slippery gravel."
Sep 3, 2022
"Well kept. Beginner friendly but with some challenges in the woods in particular. Pars are beginner friendly numbers too. Tee pads are a bit small"
Aug 20, 2022
"Fun, decent course. As noted by the designer the tee boxes are short, but there but is typically room to throw beside them. Good mix of open and wooded sections, and the design is creative given the shared use of the space of the park. I enjoyed playing here, and will be back!"
Aug 14, 2022
"Fun course close to home. Beautiful scenery and some interesting holes. Two thumbs up"
Aug 7, 2022
"Visited this course earlier this week from 5 hours away and it was worth the drive . Beautiful course and great layout with forgiving holes . Pars are a little generous. Great open and in wood holes . Will definitely return again . Only thing that needs improvement is tee boxes because they’re elevated boxes with crushed rocks making it very unstable to throw( I threw from the sides)"
Jul 31, 2022
"Fun, easy course"
Jul 24, 2022
"Great Course! Love the new walkways and extra 9 holes."
Jul 19, 2022
"Wow! Great spot for disc golf. Worth the drive out here. Well maintained. Easy layout. Fun to play. The course will need some improvements to be above 4. The tee boxes are poorly thought out. They are loose stone boxed in and only 6 feet long. Almost all the tee boxes have hole signs behind the box impeding the run up. The 3 wooded holes need to be cleared out more. They play more like luck then skill. A few baskets need to be reset. Still a great course. Well done!"
Jul 5, 2022
"Great course, freshly mower and was told a back 9 wlis be added soon as well."
Jul 29, 2022
"Very forgiving course. Par for many of the holes is one more than typical. Overall very fun and open course that is beginner friendly and rewards controlled drives. It is quite windy being next to a lake so use your stable discs The new back nine holes are good. The stone tee pads are soft and don’t provide great footing. Also there are many baskets on the back nine where the chains are wrapped around the pole "
Aug 13, 2022
"Course is really easy right now, but you can tell where theres been trees planted in some of the fairways that will add challenge once they are fully grown. UPDATE: The addition of bridges to cross the creeks has made travel between the new holes much easier. Especially the route from 12 to 13. Its still probably not cart friendly due to some steep declines and rocky spots but you can see the hard work thats been going into the design and playability of this course. "
Sep 11, 2021
"First time playing and it was so much fun and gorgeous grounds to learn the game. Entire family had a blast!"
Sep 11, 2021
"Beautiful course. Mowed fairways are great and fairly open making it a good place to practice and be comfortable doing it."
Aug 29, 2021
"Good beginner course. Lost a disc on hole 1 to the right (does have name and number if found), the brush is thick and pretty impossible to look through. Other than that it plays nice. There's a good mix of long and short holes."
Aug 15, 2021
"Great small course. Great layout, easy to get around"
Aug 13, 2021
"Went and checked it out I’m local too the area and this is a beautiful short course definitely worth checking out even for just a warm up course or too even as a beginner it’s great !! "
Sep 22, 2022
"Course is improving every week. I love reading the constructive criticism. The tee boxes are 4' x 8' sorry for the short length, they were necessary to be designed like this because when we built the first 9 holes it rained most of the year, the raised boxes kept players out of the mud. Most players who like the run up approach do so next to the boxes. Tree trimming and cutting back is a work in progress. Yellow mailbox near ranger station is for lost and found disc's, with phone numbers."