Mar 30, 2023
"Course is nice, holes are short but it’s a nice course to walk so long as you don’t go after a rain! The baskets are on the leaner side with only a single chain but I didn’t have any issues with them they were all in decent shape. "
Mar 23, 2023
"Soggy but playable. Nice simple layout. Terrible baskets."
Jan 2, 2023
"nice golf course, but baskets are a bit flimsy, only obe layer of chains"
Dec 1, 2022
"Good for wind control practice and trying new discs to not loose them. Watch out for dog shit "
Feb 24, 2022
"The baskets could be upgraded to double chain, hard to keep putter in, it does make it harder but that’s not always the worst thing great place great time! "
Mar 21, 2022
"This course is pretty meh. No tee pads or signage and the lines aren’t too interesting, also a decent amount of unnecessary walking between holes. The baskets are awful. Got robbed of a couple of putts and what could have been an ace. There is so much potential with this plot of land so hopefully more is done in the future"
Dec 13, 2021
"Nice little beginners course for a quick winter game. Better baskets would be nice, the single chains aren’t the best at catching discs making for some frustrating shots. Other than that great for a free local course. "
Mar 7, 2023
"Very wet and chains are not good at catching anything other than profanity "
Mar 22, 2021
"The elevation changes make the course interesting and there are usually a group of trees or larger tree to avoid in attacking the basket. The baskets are very bad at catching the discs, but other than that it was an enjoyable and quick course. "
Mar 2, 2021
"Baskets single chained and rock back and forth as they are temporary. Not good for anyone but beginners and kids "
Feb 27, 2021
"Could be an interesting design with the elevation changes throughout, but basket chains are so thin they don't catch anything, and no teepads as of Feb 2021. Good for beginners or a walk."
Feb 21, 2021
"Needs better baskets. "
Feb 13, 2021
"They need a lost and found box for discs, and to put more effort into the layout will say it is a nice workout."
Feb 9, 2021
"Tee markers and baskets have been improved with flags and better signage. Beauty day for it!!"
Apr 1, 2021
"They pulled it out "
Feb 6, 2021
"This course is designed for families and people who want to try out disc golf. The focus was to provide a low cost activity that anyone can enjoy. This course is a trial run by the city to see if there is support and interest in creating a permanent course on city property. The city would love your feedback. If you are local to Burlington, please send your feedback to"
Feb 3, 2021
"I saw some buzz about this course on local facebook pages, but it seems like all of the accurate comments keep getting deleted. I ignored these critical comments and tried the course, wish that I had read these reviews first."
Feb 3, 2021
"This is technically a disc golf course, but leaves way too much “to be desired” as a professional disc golfer that left a 4 star review said. I ignored the poor reviews and I regret that. The rest of the reviews sum things up quite well."
Feb 3, 2021
"My brother is an avid disc golfer and heard about this course online, so suggested that my husband and I go and play as it was to be a beginners course. After talking to a few others on the course to try to find where to go, we quickly realized that this was a very poorly done course. It’s so unfortunate to see the city spend so much money on other public facilities, but not invest in any signs or a map and Canadian Tire level equipment. I wish that I could redo my first attempt at disc golf!"
Feb 5, 2021
"Baskets don't catch anything. Udisc or no chance of playing correct baskets/ finding "teepads""
Jan 31, 2021
"I wish i could rate this course better because I really want it to be successful and the sport to grow. It’s very hard to give it any better of a rating given the low quality of the baskets, and the confusing lack of any signs. I think that this course would be best suited for children if the holes were considerably closer. I applaud the effort is must have taken to get this running, and genuinely hope that this feedback paves the way towards changing or improving the course."
Jan 31, 2021
"I checked these reviews before I set off to the course with a few beginners (a few rounds each), and it seemed like it would be great for them. I wish I had paid more attention to the lower reviews as the baskets were horrible and unmarked, and there was confusion amongst my card and other cards as to which basket is for which hole. My dad used to tell me “don’t do it if you aren’t going to do it right”. This applies to this course."
Jan 31, 2021
"As a beginner only having played at a few courses this course was not very enjoyable. The holes themselves were very poor quality and we aimed at the wrong basket multiple times. It was very confusing to navigate. It was busy with others not playing disc golf, but great to see the exposure of this lovely sport. I hope that the city sees the value in disc golf and puts more money into the course."
Jan 30, 2021
"Not many ace run lines. Baskets could be moved back a bit to give it a little more challenge. I’m from burlington just up the street. I love the fact that their is a course here Fun for kids and all ages. We played with a 70 year old. His score I will keep to myself :). Make more ace runs. I love the channel concept on the few baskets. But there is very minimum lines that will get the blood flowing. Had a few holes that get in the way of tobogganers Ample room for change"
Jan 31, 2021
"The course hits the nail on the head for what it’s supposed to be; a community introduction to the sport. It’s integrated well between tobogganers, cross country ski and dog walking trails. Great visibility and a fantastic opportunity to grow interest towards the installation of a permanent 18-hole course in the city. The baskets leave something to be desired, but with any luck, the course’s popularity and community interest will lead to upgrades and future permanent development. "
Jan 30, 2021
"Nice to have something new in Burlington. Some fun shots, mostly open shots. Baskets are single chain but they do the job for a fun, recreational round. "
Feb 2, 2021
"Played before layout was available on UDisc so lack of signage was an issue. Baskets are cheap, flimsy practice baskets. Nice golf course layout. Upgrading the baskets would be a HUGE improvement. Watch out for dogs and tobogganers! "
Feb 1, 2021
"The baskets are horrendous, and it is very poorly signed. The course itself is nice, and there is a good mix of beginner par 3 holes. Wish that they had invested in some actual disc golf baskets, and some signage. "