Feb 19, 2023
"Excellent use of the space they have! Lots of creative lines and a variety of shots. This course will test you!"
Jan 8, 2023
"Great course, keep up the hard work and maintenance! "
Sep 8, 2022
"This is for Intermediate to Advanced players to work on their lines and distance. Short technical, a couple of woods holes, and some long holes with well placed trees. You should see a good mix of forehand and backhand shots, so lefties should be happy. Leave your comments on improvement ideas and have fun playing."
Jul 18, 2022
"Creative course. There is a lot of variety with holes turning left or right. The fairways are wide enough but someone better watch where your disc goes in case it goes wide into the taller grass. Tee boxes are coming later and will make finding the start of each hole a lot easier. You cannot see the baskets from some of the tee pads which makes it a little more interesting."