May 14, 2023
"hole 6 is a hazard lost disc forsure on that hole had to go for a swim also if anyone finds a green aceline fairway driver let me know it’s my gfs she’s sad"
Aug 3, 2022
"This course should be closed. It is hazardous to the users. There isn’t a single hole that doesn’t share a fairway with another, several require shots directly over other baskets and tee boxes. The waist high grass in the rough not only makes finding your disc nearly impossible but also disguises the uneven terrain, random sharp rusty debris, and sudden drop offs into the river, all while being infested with ticks."
Aug 1, 2022
"Couple nice holes, it is challenging because of the layout and the greens/upkeep around baskets is not done. Hole 8 and 9 tee are overgrown. Hopefully once water level drops they’ll be able to cut and maintain those holes. "
Oct 7, 2021
"Would definitely recommend checking out this hidden gem in Minnedosa. Chains are a little small so it makes those long putts a bit more challenging but it’s an otherwise great course!"
Oct 7, 2021
"Fun course. The signs and tee pads are top notch leaving time to search for discs instead"
Aug 18, 2021
"Holes 6,7,8 are along a steep rivers edge. Lots of lost disks here. Also only partially mowed/park so be prepared for tall grass/bush/uneven ground if you go off the paths"
Aug 29, 2022
"Little to no care taken by the town to keep the course remotely playable. Lack of understanding/effort plays a big part in this courses unplayability. Hole 8 and 9 have been left to nature, with 3 foot grass everywhere. Sad, course has potential (apart from abysmal baskets)"
Aug 9, 2019
"Very mixed feelings about this course. It has some unique terrain and v interesting basket placements but the course is so raw. It reminds me of a links style European ball golf course. Narrow fairways, lots of long grass including right around the baskets. Watch where your disc is going!! The baskets do not catch. Although they are new they have ineffective chains. The course is too difficult for a beginners and proved frustrating for an int. player. Stay on the super narrow fairways."
Aug 5, 2018
"Needs upkeep"