May 26, 2023
"Very nice baskets, but the layout and the design is a little disappointing. Still disc golf, but No tee pads, or markers. heavy windy area, and it’s a loop. Locals will have a blast though, so that is a great thing!"
May 22, 2023
"Nice baskets but no tee pads or markers so Udisc is required to know where to shoot from. Course is stated as 18 holes but there's only 9 baskets as well. It goes around the outside of some soccer fields, through some stables and around a community centre. Some interesting lines through buildings on a couple holes but most are pretty plain otherwise and I'd worry how close it is to people if others were using the facilities. "
Oct 5, 2022
"Very windy!"
Aug 22, 2022
"Looking forward to seeing some sort of permanent tee markers. Was a nice open course with lots of left to right shots, hole 7 was my favourite!"