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Front nine has many different layouts Par is 29. #1 265' Par 3: starts by the rec center with a slight dog leg to the left of the pin which is encompassed by 3 trees there is some taller grass to the left. #2 200' Par 3: lazy dog left to the pin, there is a slight water hazard about 20 feet in front of the pin. #3 is a wide open hole with the pin straight ahead but with a large and diverse depression and elevation change from the tee pad to pin. #4 425' Par 4: is a much more technical hole due to the extreme hole shot, if played mando it is challenging, in between a row of trees on either side for about 100' with a small clearing to the left be for approaching another hole shot until the pin. This hole is mostly straight to the pin. #5 is a straight hole which is technical from the pad there is a hole shot through a tree line about 50' - 75' then into and incline with some trees and bushes in the middle throughout the hole the basketball is almost at the bottom of the hill with the pin surrounded by mulch for about a 20' radius. #6 386' Par 3: dog leg left there is a smaller tree in front of the pad about 20' center has some trees through out to cause some congestion. Basket is on the decline of a small hill but high enough to allow discs to make purring hard from the rough up hill to pin. #7 388' Par 3: This pad is high up on a large decline the pin is slightly to the left at the bottom surrounded by woods and some wet areas with mulch in a 20' radius around around pin. This a tricky hole to take a risky approach shot if overthrown disc will be in some thick undergrowth. #8 320' Par 3: the pin is across across street at the base of another larger hill with the hole right in front of the pad. The pin is surrounded by 3 Trees. #9 520' Par 4 update coming soon including back 9 where Par is 29 too.
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Aug 19, 2023
Outside of the calendar school year the kent state recreation staff allows the course to fall into a state of neglect. So it is best to play this course before may or after September.
Jul 26, 2023
Rough wooded holes. Definitely challenging.
Aug 19, 2023
Almost repetitive, lots of tunnels and a few brutal par threes and some easy ones, fun and dynamic tho mix in the forehand and it’ll be a good time
Sep 29, 2023
Nicely groomed a little muddy on some tees but overall a great course.


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