Apr 22, 2022
"Poorly marked tee pads - some don’t even exist. Very poor quality baskets - movable and hole 4 missing entirely. Course upkeep needs serious work but is at least playable. Very little variety of shots, basically a bunch of long, straight holes with few trees and one major water hazard. Course is an afterthought in a complex with a driving range and a dive bar. Not much to like about this one - especially with the elite courses in Warwick"
Apr 14, 2022
"No marked tees, no map. Interesting spot, but seems to have been thrown together quickly with little care. Also, basket 4 want there."
Nov 5, 2020
"It’s an open 9 hole layout next to a golf driving range. On the day I played, 8 of the holes had baskets. They're portable, and I get the impression they’re moved around when mowing. So I guess 8 out of 9 is pretty good. Just a bagging stop on the way to Warwick. "
Apr 6, 2020
"I can see what the idea was but very poorly executed, not well signed, poor upkeep, and just no effort put into it. I am always optimistic and understanding with courses but this isn’t worth my time even if it was the only course open, would rather do field work at a soccer field any day before this. Open to revising if even 30% more effort was put forth to the course. Not worth my time."
May 20, 2020
"This is almost like a mini golf style course. Nothing really difficult, slight water hazards. It's good for practicing shots but that's about it"
Nov 2, 2019
"Very poor course. Don't waste your time."
Apr 9, 2020
"It has potential as a little 9 hole course, but it needs some serious love. With Brakewell, Wolfe woods, and Oasis less the 10 minutes away the choice is obvious. "
Mar 27, 2019
"This is a fun family course that provides other forms of entertainment. The restauran has good food. It's located just down the road from Warwick course. The baskets are not the best but for a free course, it can only get better."