May 12, 2023
"There are tee’s and there are baskets, with a suggestion of a fairway in between. Needs lots of clearing and trampling. Love that a couple par 4’s and a par 5 were squeezed into a 9 hole course."
Apr 26, 2023
"In the present state I would say I like the “vision” more than the current state of the course. It feels like it’s brand new, and kudos to the local P&R for installing it. Plays in heavy woods behind the baseball fields. Turn left down a small gravel rd as entering the main park parking lot to park near hole 1. GPS doesn’t currently get you there and it isn’t well marked. Signage could be much clearer on the course. Undergrowth is kinda think on the fairways. Surprisingly easy to lose a disc."
Apr 13, 2023
"Work in progress will be nice when the trees come down and the path is more clearly marked. Definitely playable if you want to get out there! "
Apr 13, 2023
"Course has a lot of potential, but is currently incomplete. Needs a few hundred more trees removed to be playable"
Apr 12, 2023
"Let me preface this by saying that I understand the arduous task it is to design and install a course. With that being said, this course is not ready for play. There are many trees marked to be taken out; however, currently there are a few holes where there isn’t a true or fair line due to how the fairway is cut. I also didn’t think that the holes were shaped properly. Lastly, the course plays around a walking path. Courses this close in proximity to other park amenities are dangerous. "
Apr 4, 2023
"Needs more cutting and clearing but is now playable! Will be great once trees are cut. Mix of shorts and some super long holes for technical shots"