Jul 3, 2022
"Needs more signs (indications on where to throw from)"
Mar 6, 2022
"The Donda 2 of disc golf courses. Incomplete with the potential to be great. The tees are not marked well enough and at times not at all. On 1/2 and 7/9 you have to play the same basket wo there are only 7 present. The par is also inconsistent between Udisc and the signs at Brookland. With that in mine though, the course is fun as it has a few obstacles and goes around a track as well as a couple of baseball fields. Maybe one day I can give this a higher score with some improvements! "
Feb 21, 2022
"There are 7 baskets. No teepads, and the signage isn’t super helpful. But, if you just want to chuck some discs and have absolutely no worries about other people being in the course…it’s there for you."
Sep 3, 2021
"There’s only 4 baskets, don’t come here. "