Stats Definitions

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Jun 5, 2018 • 3 min read

Stats Definitions

Version 9.0 of UDisc (released on June 5th, 2018) brought a new style of scoring, and a plethora of stats to the UDisc apps for iOS and Android. If you’re wondering what all the symbols on the new scorecard mean and how we define each stat, you’ve come to the right place.

Scorecard Symbols
The symbols on your scorecard represent the different landing zones and give you a quick visual view of how you played on each hole.

Landing zones — select the zone your disc landed in for each throw

Note: If you are inside 20m / 66ft and obstructed or in the trees you should still select either Circle 1 or Circle 2 and not Off the Fairway. Off the Fairway is only appropriate if you are more than 20m from the basket.

Putting Statistics

Circle 1 Putting
The percentage of putts made from inside the traditional 10m / 33ft circle.

Circle 2 Putting
The percentage of putts made from between 10–20m / 33–66ft.

Driving Statistics

Driving Accuracy
Landing your drive on the fairway or inside Circle 2.
On your scorecard the drive row shows the zone where your first drive landed.
note: When entering the scores you must decide if a disc is on the fairway. You should select off the fairway if you do not have a clear shot at the basket (e.g. in the woods) or you missed the intended landing zone for the hole.
On a par 5, the 1st and 2nd throws are each considered drives. You could have one hit and one miss.
The total number of drives for a round is equal to the number of holes plus the number of par 5s.

Green/Circle in Regulation

Green in Regulation / GIR
Reaching the green (Circle 2 or closer) with two shots remaining for par (and a chance at birdie).
On your scorecard the GIR row shows the symbol of the closest zone you hit in regulation.

Notice the various landing zones in the GIR row

Circle 2 in Regulation
Reaching Circle 2 with two shots remaining for par (and a chance at birdie).

PAR 3 — your first throw has to land in Circle 2 (or closer) to get credit for hitting Circle 2 in Regulation.
PAR 4 — you have two throws to land inside Circle 2.
PAR 5 — you have three throws to land inside Circle 2.

Circle 1 in Regulation
Reaching Circle 1 (10m / 33ft) with two throws remaining for par (and a chance at birdie). Also counts as hitting C2 in Regulation.

Landing with a tap in for birdie, within 3.3m / 11ft of the basket. Also counts as hitting C1 and C2 in Regulation.
note: An Eagle or Albatross counts for all three stats (Parked, C1 in Regulation, C2 in Regulation).\nPar 2 holes are excluded from this stat.

Missed Circle 2 in Regulation but still saving par (or better).
note: If you make C2 in Regulation you are not eligible for a scramble.
The percentage is calculated as the number of holes you saved par or better and you were outside Circle 2 with two throws remaining for par.

Birdie Rate
The number of holes with a birdie (or better) divided by the number of holes played.

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