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Pro Majors are the pinnacle of competitive disc golf. They feature fields of the world's best players vying for high payouts. The increased media attention Majors bring means little-known players can create buzz with breakout performances while current stars have a chance to cement their legacies with an ever-growing number of pro disc golf fans.

So far there have been 96 events the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) has awarded Major status that had a division for Open Women (also called FPO, which stands for Female Professional Open). Currently, 25 different women have claimed a W at an M.

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4 women disc golfers. 3 Celebrating wins, one watching a shot with  mountian background
Photos of four recent Major winners in FPO. Top left: Kristin Tattar at 2023 European Open. Top right: Paige Pierce at 2022 Champions Cup. Bottom left: Hailey King at 2021 U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championship. Bottom right: Catrina Allen at 2021 PDGA World Championships. All photos: Disc Golf Pro Tour

Interested to see all this information for Open? You can find all MPO Major winners here.

All Open Women/FPO Disc Golf Major Winners

Year PDGA Worlds USWDGC European Open Champions Cup Japan Open Other: European Other
2023 Tattar Tattar Tattar Tattar
2022 Tattar H. King Pierce Pierce
2021 Allen Pierce
2020 Pierce
Women's National Championship
2019 Pierce Tattar Pierce
2018 Shue (née Bjerkaas) Pierce Salonen
Konopiste Open
2017 Pierce Pierce Allen Pierce
Aussie Open
2016 Jenkins Hokom
2015 Pierce Leatherman Allen Allen
Scandinavian Open
Aussie Open
2014 Allen Pierce Jenkins Allen
European Masters
2013 Pierce Hokom Pierce Pierce
Copenhagen Open
2012 Hokom Allen Pierce
Stockholm Open
2011 Pierce Jenkins Jenkins Jenkins
PDGA Championship
2010 Stanhope Jenkins Jenkins Lagerholm
Scandinavian Open
2009 Jenkins Stanhope Jenkins
2008 Jenkins Tschiggfrie Jenkins Jenkins
Scandinavian Open
The Players Cup
2007 Jenkins King Berlogar Reading
The Players Cup
2006 Reading Tschiggfrie Berlogar Jenkins Berlogar
The Players Cup
2005 Reading King
2004 Lagerholm Reading Berlogar
2003 Korver Reading
2002 Reading Reading Ugalde
2001 Korver Todd
2000 Korver Todd
Women's Natl. Disc Golf Championship
1999 Korver Korver
Women's National Championship
1998 Korver
1997 King
1996 Tanner
1995 Powell
1994 King
1993 King
1992 King
1991 King
1990 Schiller
1989 O'Cleary
1988 O'Cleary
1987 Chambers
1986 Chambers
1985 Hale
1984 Elsner
1983 Elsner

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Which Woman Has Won the Most Pro Disc Golf Majors?

Paige Pierce has won 17 PDGA Major tournaments in the Open Women/FPO division, which is the most of any player in the sport's history. Pierce surpassed Valarie Jenkins' 16 Major titles when she won the 2022 European Open.

For a look at how many titles every FPO Major winner has, see the table below (on mobile, swipe left/right to see all columns):

Paige Pierce (17)

Valarie Jenkins (16)
Catrina Allen (7)

Elaine King (7)

Des Reading (7)

Juliana Korver (6)

Kristin Tattar (6)

Carrie Berlogar

Sarah Hokom

Vanessa Chambers

Marie Jackson Elsner

Birgitta Lagerholm

Chris O'Cleary

Sarah Stanhope

Lesli Todd

Angela Tschiggfrie

Ramona Hale

Hailey King

Hannah Leatherman

Becky Powell

Paige Shue (née Bjerkaas)

Eveliina Salonen

Amy Schiller

Beth Tanner

Tita Ugalde

FPO Winner Earnings at Disc Golf Majors

These are some of the most interesting facts about what women have earned for winning at pro Majors:

  • Total payout to FPO winners at Majors
    Collectively, FPO winners have taken home $223,816 from all Majors. The inflation-adjusted buying power of those winnings is about $287,618.
  • Average payout for FPO winners at Majors
    Over 96 events, FPO champions have earned on average $2,331 for a Major win. All totals adjusted for inflation, the number goes to $2,996.
  • Which FPO competitor has earned the most from winning Majors?
    Paige Pierce's $53,603 earnings from Major victories ($63,187 inflation-adjusted) is the most of any woman in history. Notably, Kristin Tattar's sweep of 2023 Majors has her just $282 behind Pierce's unadjusted payout total for Major wins.

How Many Different Events Have Been FPO Disc Golf Majors?

Events of 14 different names have been Majors with an FPO division. Here's each of them in order of the frequency they've occurred as Major competitions with a separate pro women's division (number of iterations in parentheses):

  • PDGA Disc Golf World Championships (40)
  • U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championship (22)
  • European Open (10)
  • Japan Open (6)
  • The Player's Cup (3)
  • Scandinavian Open (3)
  • Women's National Championship or Women's National Disc Golf Championship (3)
  • Aussie Open (2)
  • PDGA Champions Cup (2)
  • Copenhagen Open (1)
  • European Masters (1)
  • Konopiste Open (1)
  • PDGA Championship (1)
  • Stockholm Open (1)

The History & Purposes of Pro Disc Golf Majors

To learn more about how disc golf ended up with events called Majors and the vision disc golf's governing body, the PDGA, has for these competitions, give our post "Disc Golf Majors: Every Open Winner Ever" a read.

One thing you won't learn there, though, is the history of the women-only Major the U.S. Women's Disc Golf Championship. That event has been run nearly every year since 2001 with the only exception being 2020. Check out the 'Tournament History' section in our 2021 USWDGC tournament profile to dive into this Major's background.

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